Cover letter for oracle developer position

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I take it that my present work experience in the area of testing operation systems and software applications destine me for being a suitable candidate for both inserted job positions in your company. Since 1998 I have been working at different position in the area of testing ? I worked like an IT Freelancer, I worked on myself as a tester with own Trade Certificate. My work experience involved all the parts of information systems and software testing: from basic testing, testing strategy fixing, analyzing for testing activity etc.

I have experience with application and implementation testing and with unit testing too. My major is the area of testing applications and inform systems on the Java basis in conjunction with databases instruments of Oracle and Microsoft. SQL a T-SQL language is excellent ? I am not afraid to say on the professional level. I have control over most of commonly used testing tools ?

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SIT, UAT, OAT, Test Processor, Test Robot, Quality Centre, QTP, ISEB, Rational Robot, Test Director, B32. I took part in development of new testing programs for special IS or SW testing in automotive industry and air traffic.

I am trying to still improve my skills and knowledge. I passed out a lot of courses and trainings.