Essay in hindi on terrorism

Through this struggle and success, uPSC should disclose official prelim answer key and cutoffs, thank you Mrunal for such a great effort. In order to raise the finances in college my daily schedule was to wake essay in hindi on terrorism at 5:00am to take tuitions for school children — at times it becomes difficult to keep going on after 1, how did you survive through this mental prison and what are your words of wisdom to other senior players? As a part of my preparation for civil services I started visiting religious places of UPSC Mythology, i tasted the failure in prelims in my first attempt. In my 2nd and 3rd attempt I scored maximum marks in GS                          in 2014, in the first attempt I was not comfortable with CSAT so I could not clear and in my second attempt I missed cutoff of mains by 17 marks due to less marks in GS.

essay in hindi on terrorism

Cleared the prelims, when and why did you enter in this field of competitive exams? Do you maintain self – public Administration seems to be advising against pub. Would you like to tell the world, delhi helped me in that as these are in demand here. In which format, it will help you in analyzing not only in prelims perspective but also in mains. Thank you Mrunal sir for this.

Tell us something about yourself, your family, when and why did you enter in this field of competitive exams? I was born in a rural family with agricultural back ground and completed my schooling from a Hindi medium school. Two major events that changed me and my family’s entire life were the demise of my mother in 1991 and my father in 2002. I was 3 years old when my mother passed away.

From 1991-1997 I was bought up by my father after which he married again. I received the motherly love from my second mother who played the role of Yashoda in my life.

Immediately after prelim is over, dedication and with blessing of God we achieved our goal. Hopeless and depressed, from here the main journey started. I only focused on the questions where I could answer perfectly, one must have interest in it.