Example application letter for civil engineers

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example application letter for civil engineers

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Our CV examples show you the basics of how to build your CV for internships and graduate jobs. They are based on an imaginary student applying for an internship in her penultimate year and a graduate job in her final year. The CVs are chronological but focus on skills and you can compare them to see how your CV should evolve while you are at university. We’ve included an annotated version of the final year CV to show you the thinking behind the way it is structured and written. Look through the sector CVs for more ideas on layout and phrasing and remember to tailor your CV for every internship and job application.

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In order for a continuing education course or activity to meet the Continuing Professional Competency requirements it must have a purpose and objective which will maintain, improve, or expand the skills and knowledge relevant to the licensee’s field of practice. While not all of these attributes are necessary to show compliance, there is little question that the intent of the Rules are met if all are met. The licensee can substantiate that the course or activity has maintained, improved or expanded their skills and knowledge relevant to their field of practice. The subject matter of the course or activity is related to the licensee’s professional practice.