Fear of spiders thesis statements

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fear of spiders thesis statements

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Jump to navigation Jump to search “Camel spiders” redirects here. Solifugae is an order of animals in the class Arachnida known variously as camel spiders, wind scorpions, sun spiders, or solifuges. The prosoma comprises the head, the mouthparts, and the somites that bear the legs and the pedipalps. The alternative name “cephalothorax” reflects the fact that the prosoma includes the parts that in insects form the head plus the thorax.

Like pseudoscorpions and harvestmen, the Solifugae lack book lungs, having instead a well-developed tracheal system that inhales and exhales air through three pairs of slits on the animal’s underside. Among the most distinctive features of the Solifugae are their large chelicerae, which in many species are longer than the prosoma. Male solifugid in South African veld: Its flagella are visible near the tips of the chelicerae, looking like large, backward-curling bristles. Like most other arachnids, although Solifugae appear to have five pairs of legs, only the hind four pairs actually are “true” legs. The first, or anterior, of the five pairs of leg-like appendages are not “actual” legs, but pedipalps, and they have only five segments each.

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The pedipalps of the Solifugae function partly as sense organs similar to insects’ antennae, and partly in locomotion, feeding, and fighting. For the most part, only the posterior three pairs of legs are used for running. Males are usually smaller than females, with relatively longer legs.