How to write research proposal for masters degree

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how to write research proposal for masters degree

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Research Proposal is one of the main documents that helps in creating a good academic impression on the candidate among the assessors of the application form. This Statement of Purpose should be accompanied by an applicaiton form for admission into foreign universities. Either it is for admission into Bachelors degree or Masters degree or Doctoral degree, your statement of purpose is the only document that gives you an opportunity to exhibit yourself professionally before the assessors of your application form. Your applicaition form provides all the general purpose details about you like, your personal details, your qualifications, your financial status and etc.

But your assessors want to know “why you are applying for the course you chose? You should address all these questions in your statement of purpose. Here I am writing what all I know about writing a statement of purpose. I will try to explain what I learnt and help you out in drafting and framing your own statement of purpose.