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Abstract: Usually less than a page long, your reference page should have the title Annotated Bibliography or Annotated List of Works Cited. Keep in mind that the price greatly depends on the provided information. 11 in Calgary, your topic should be up to date and capture the attention of the reader.

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All of the information provided here, however, offers direction for students and researchers who use MLA style in their work. What is an MLA Annotated Bibliography? A bibliography is a complete list of the sources that were used to complete a research paper or project. Depending on the style guide you follow, you may also see this called a Works Cited or Reference List. There are few limitations to the types of sources that you can include, and your list may consist of sources that range from books and academic journals to food labels and tweets.

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When your research is related to a scholastic assignment, you should always verify your instructor’s requirements for the types and number of sources to include, as well as the style you should adhere to when formatting your paper and bibliography. An annotated bibliography in MLA includes a concise explanation of each listed source, known as an annotation.

Depending on the assignment, this annotation may be solely descriptive, or analytical. If you would like to learn more, this link further explores the difference between an abstract and an annotation. This resource provides additional information on how to write a bibliography with annotations in other formats.